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Hey friends! Voting for the 2016 – 2017 Austin Music Awards is open and it would make my year if y’all took a second to vote for my awesome band and me! If you vote in at least 15 categories you’ll be entered to win prizes from some great Austin businesses! Thank y’all so much Love ya

Austin Band of the Year – Bethany Becker
Austin Musician of the Year – Bethany Becker
Austin Song of the Year – Jesus and Boys
Austin Album of the Year – I Want Love
Best New Austin Band – Bethany Becker
Country/Bluegrass – Bethany Becker
Female Vocals – Bethany Becker
Guitar – Blake Jurasin
Bass – Joey Sisk
Drums/Percussion – Alex Wilhelm
Keyboards – Winry Ember
Songwriter – Bethany Becker

One thought on “Vote for Bethany Becker for the Austin Music Awards!

  1. She was recently awarded the Young Artist Award at the t annual Mid-Atlantic Song Contest for her song Right Place Wrong Time and her songs Maybe More and We Can Save Us were both nominated for the 2015 American Songwriting Awards.

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