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So my debut EP has just been released digitally and I wanted to use this post to put together a list of  credits & thank you’s so that everyone can see who was involved with the making of my music.

Produced by: Keith Follese 
Recorded at: Bigger Dog Productions, Nashville
Tracks 1 & 2 Written by: Bethany Becker, Keith Follese and Adrienne Follese
Track 3 Written by: Bethany Becker, Keith Follese, Adrienne Follese and Liz Rose Art
Art Direction by: Chris MUG5 Maguire
Photography by: Rae Marshall
Bethany would like to thank: God for blessing me with this opportunity and for all the beautiful people he has brought into my life through it. I want to thank my family for their loving support; Jason Davis and his team for their mentoring and for making all of this possible; and Keith Follese, Adrienne Follese and Liz Rose for pouring their boundless creativity and wealth of writing experience into me and these songs.

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