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“For the album how the process went was I am always writing. I sit down and I get inspiration from my life and the lives of those around me. My song “Wrong Place,Wrong Time”, which is about some  guy I had a crush on. He is now immortalized on my album and he very much knows it. Then my song “Criminal”, I had a dream one night that I was dating a guy, and my dad was a police officer and he threw  him in prison. So I woke up and I wrote the first track, thinking that I wasn’t going to do anything with it. When it came time to go into my final writing session of the album, I was going through all my material and I decided I really liked that song. I thought it might be a little too edgy, I showed it to my parents and we worked with that one and got the final draft for it. I try to create music that people can relate to, in that it’s serious and the lyrics have some weight, but it’s very uplifting, even the very sad songs. So I try to make stuff that’s fun, and that people connect with. Most of the time I do that by pulling from my own experiences and filling them in with my writing. I think that my music is going to advance and mature and get more diverse as I mature and get more diverse. “

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